Bioverse brings jobs and an all natural renewable product to Worthington, MN

Last night, Bioverse held a ribbon cutting ceremony at their new home… the Biotechnology Advancement Center (BAC) in Worthington’s Bio-science Park. This new tenancy is a huge step towards achieving the BAC’s goal to further establish Worthington as a bioscience industry hub for new and innovative bioscience companies and professionals.

According to the Daily Globe July 25th publication

“Founded in 1995, Bioverse pegged itself as a research and development company. It introduced its first line of commercial products in 1999 — environmentally-based products that consume excess nutrients in everything from backyard ponds and golf course water hazards to small lakes. It’s AquaSpherePRO and pond water cleaner dispenser are patented and work as “on-site bacteria factories by incubating, growing and dispensing beneficial bacteria for up to 30 days,” according to the company website,”

This relocation will not only bring several established professionals to Worthington’s community. It will also result in the creation of many jobs…

” (Bioverse) has nearly a dozen employees, some of which will make the transition to Worthington. Other positions, according to Bioverse Chief Technology Officer and longtime Worthington resident Connie Schmidt, will be added in the near future.”

In the spirit of community vitality, MVTV Wireless would like to congratulate Bioverse Inc and the BAC! For more information on Worthington’s economic development efforts, we suggest you visit the WREDC website.

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