Reboot Modem

Before you call to report an internet outage, please take a moment to follow these few easy steps to reboot and troubleshoot.

  1. Make sure power is working to your computer, router and power supply modem. Check for blown fuses or tripped breakers.
  2. Make sure all power cords and internet cables are secure and haven’t come loose.
  3. Reboot your internet connection – THIS IS IMPORTANT! All MVTV customers will have a modem or power supply modem.

Step 1– Locate your modem and unplug the power cord to it. (We have several types of modems – see photos.)
Step 2– Unplug the power cord to your wireless router if you have one.
Step 3– Wait at least 30 seconds then plug both back in.
Step 4– Wait several minutes for the internet to resume before you check your computer connection. 

4. Check that your router is not on standby or that the wireless capability is turned off.

5. If using a laptop, be sure that your laptop’s wireless on/off button is ON.

If internet is still not working after you have done this minor troubleshooting, please call MVTV. We will be happy to schedule a technician if necessary.

Types of power supply modems used by MVTV Wireless