CURE: Clean Water and Clean Energy

With Spring quickly approaching, we are looking forward to see green grass, flowers, crops and flowing rivers. As this becomes just an everyday scenic view many of us do not even think twice about what it takes to keep everything looking so nice and pure. A nonprofit organization CURE, knows what it … [Read more...]

Internet Questions Answered

We live in a world full of technology but keeping up with all of the technical terms can get frustrating. We just want to know what we have and what it means to us.  Alongside price, speed is one of the key factors people talk about when it comes to choosing broadband. All of the internet service … [Read more...]

Litchfield, MN

Welcome to MVTV Wireless! MVTV Wireless would like to welcome all prospective and current MVTV members to our home on the web. It is MVTV’s goal to provide our subscribers with supreme Wireless Broadband Internet Service. We will continue to provide the best possible signals and Internet service at … [Read more...]

2015 Spring Shows

As the days get longer and Spring Fever is on the rise, we are starting to prepare ourselves for warmer weather. February is the start of many Spring, Farm and Ag shows. Stop by and get everything you need for the upcoming season. Let the 2015 Farm & Home Shows Begin! MVTV will have a booth … [Read more...]

Keep it Local with Pioneer Public TV

Television has come a long way since the early 1900's which consisted of spinning discs and a neon lamp to give a blurry reddish-orange picture. Today we are watching digital programming from all over the world on many different devices and platforms. Even though there are hundreds of TV stations, … [Read more...]