How To Shop For An Internet Service Provider in SW MN – Part II

You may have recently heard about or even experience a problem with certain online services (such as Netflix) being 'slowed' or 'throttled' by Internet Service Providers. So we've decided to add this topic to our list of questions you should ask when shopping for a Broadband Internet Service … [Read more...]

The rural MN ‘picture’ is changing… still healthy, just different.

It's often easy to fall into a negative mind set as things start to change. Good news! ...Our small towns are proving they have the power to remain relevant. The communities that have succeeded in this challenge have done so by competing differently, identifying opportunities and diversifying in … [Read more...]

MN Task Force Meeting Notes and Agenda

Dan Richter, President of MVTV Wireless, brings us the latest minutes of the Minnesota Broadband Task Force meeting held in May. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at TIES in St Paul. These meetings are open to the public. Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Winona Health 855 … [Read more...]

Coming Soon to Clements and Morgan, MN!

We are expanding our service area again! We will soon be covering the southwest Minnesota regions of Morgan and Clements. A special thanks goes to Morgan Grain & Feed Co for working with us so that MVTV Wireless can service new customers in these two towns as well as the surrounding rural areas. … [Read more...]