2015 Local Garage Sale List

Spring has sprung and so have the City Wide and State Wide Garage Sales! Below is a list of local garage sales. Feel free to print the list to keep at your finger tips - Garage Sales Here are some great tips for hosting and buying at garage sales: 10 Tips to a Successful Garage Sale Things … [Read more...]

Start your Morning out right – Attend a Social Media Breakfast

Over the last few years Social Media Breakfast Clubs have been popping up all over Southwest Minnesota. Many communities are coming together to bring the knowledge of social media to everyone around them. Today this is the streamline for many businesses and employees. If you are looking at getting … [Read more...]

A Hole in the Mountain – Lake Benton, MN

MVTV Wireless would like to recognize a historic town in southern Minnesota. Lake Benton has kept many of its historical features alive with the help of a strong community. Along with the great history of the town they are also known for wind power. MVTV Wireless is proud to be a part of the Lake … [Read more...]

Repeal Day – December 5th

On January 16th, 1919 Congress passed the 18th Amendment which outlawed alcohol. The Amendment was hoping to put an end to drunkenness, poverty and crime. Unfortunately, the Amendment lost respect which lead drunkenness and crime to run rampant on the federal government. Finally, after thirteen long … [Read more...]

How To Shop For An Internet Service Provider in SW MN – Part II

You may have recently heard about or even experience a problem with certain online services (such as Netflix) being 'slowed' or 'throttled' by Internet Service Providers. So we've decided to add this topic to our list of questions you should ask when shopping for a Broadband Internet Service … [Read more...]